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Najvar Law Firm provides expert legal advice and compliance assistance to candidates, officeholders, political committees (“PACs”), independent-expenditure-only committees (“Super PACs”), and nonprofits active in local, state and federal politics. A complex framework of regulation scattered throughout various state and federal statutes, advisory opinions and judicial decisions governs political activity at all levels, and the rules change frequently. These rules can present confusing questions and invite missteps that can cost a campaign time and money. NLF is committed to helping clients utilize every tool at their disposal to reach their goals while remaining in compliance with the law.


NLF also represents clients with advisory opinions and enforcement matters before the Texas Ethics Commission and Federal Election Commission. When necessary, we will aggressively pursues our clients’ interests in litigation.


Jerad Najvar is currently serving as Of Counsel in McCutcheon v. FEC, a landmark campaign finance case set to be argued in the US Supreme Court in its next Term, beginning in October. Jerad was an instrumental part of the three-person legal team that devised the legal rationale and initiated McCutcheon in May 2012 (see the News and Litigation pages for more).


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From residency to recounts, election laws give rise to many issues critical to a campaign. Ballot measures and candidate campaigns for local, state and federal office are all governed primarily by Texas election law with respect to matters such as ballot eligibility, voter registration, election administration, canvassing of returns, recounts and election contests. NLF combines substantive expertise in Texas election laws with litigation experience in state and federal courts. This combination of subject-matter knowledge and the practical ability to resolve matters in court is invaluable in the election context, where disputes are often decided on an emergency basis.


Whether anticipating a challenge to ballot eligibility or establishing a game plan for Election Day Operations, preparation and quick, decisive action are key in election disputes. It is often advisable to prepare arguments and draft pleadings, and plan for collection of affidavits from poll watchers and voters, before Election Day in order to protect the integrity of the vote or fend off unwarranted challenges by an opponent.


Texas Capitol seat

Complex rules at the local, state and federal levels impact not only professional lobbyists, but also extend into many areas that are less obvious. For example, ethics rules govern when certain issue advocacy undertaken by churches and other nonprofits becomes regulated campaign activity subject to reporting and disclosure. Churches, charities, nonprofit "social welfare" organizations (501(c)(4)s), corporations, and all other associations have fundamental First Amendment rights to be active in the political process, and Najvar Law Firm is committed to helping utilize these freedoms to the fullest extent.


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Jerad Najvar has appeared as lead counsel in the US District Courts for the Southern and Western District of Texas, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and Texas state trial courts in various counties. He currently serves as Of Counsel in McCutcheon v. FEC in the United States Supreme Court. Jerad is available to litigate matters in state and federal trial and appellate courts, including requests for preliminary injunctions and other extraordinary relief. He is also available to assist other counsel of record in trial and appellate matters.


Please see the Litigation page for information and documents in select Najvar Law Firm cases.


Federal Committees

  • Fort Bend County Republican Party
  • Galveston County Republican Party
  • Randy Weber for Congress (TX-14)
  • Stephen Eisele for Congress (CA-36)
  • Real Street Conservatives PAC (independent-expenditure-only or “Super PAC”)

Texas Committees

  • Texas Leadership Coalition-Institute for Public Advocacy
  • Pastors PAC
  • Harris County Republicans
  • Friends of SAFA Texas
  • South Texas Political Alliance


  • Civic Reform Institute (501(c)(3))
  • Catholic Leadership Coalition of Texas (501(c)(4))
  • 501(c)(3) churches and pastors
  • South Texas Alliance for Progress (501(c)(4))

Public Officials

  • Don Zimmerman, Austin City Councilmember
  • Leticia “Letty” Lopez, Weslaco Commissioner
  • Guillermo Ramirez, Hidalgo City Councilmember
  • Gustavo Sanchez, Hidalgo City Councilmember